How it Works

What is Airynascloset?
Airynascloset is a website where gently used, and unused trendy clothing can be purchased or sold. The concept of Airynascloset all began when we decided to share our love of fashion and start selling some of our own clothing online. Whether it was too big, too small, worn once or still had the tags on, we were ready to pass these items on. We decided to expand our website to help others clear out their closets and monetize on their trendy items as well!

How to consign with Airynas Closet...
All Toronto consigners are to email detailed photos or drop off clothing items to us for review. Consigners located outside of Toronto are to email detailed photos only. We will then review and select items most suitable for our website (please allow 2-4 days for review.)
Consigning with Airynascloset
Our store requires  50% of the total purchase price of items under 300.00
Our store requires 30% of the total purchase price of items over 300.00
There is ZERO charge to list your item(s) with us. (Please allow 7 days to receive your payment after your item has been sold.) Payouts to consigners will be issued after seven days of purchase.

Refunds & Returns
Sorry ladies, because it's a consignment store, we will not be accepting returns, or giving out store credit. (Only under certain circumstances)
Is there an expiry to the consignment?
If the item does not sell within 120 days, I will return it back to the original owner.
Items will be shipped out within three business days of purchase. Unfortunately we only ship to Canada, and United States.

What items can I sell?
I will resell pre-owned trendy goods, that have been gently used, with no significant defects.
Designer Items
How do I set the price?
 A good guideline is 20%-45% off the current retail selling price depending on the condition and wear of the item.
Brands I don't accept are:
Forever 21
Urban planet
Joe Fresh
American Eagle
Old Navy
Feel free to email me directly at for any further questions or concerns.