About Us

Our Story:
From celebrity inspirations to our own creative style our clothing is inspired by our own closet, therefore becoming AIRYNAS closet. We cater to all females and all sizes. Our first initial launch will be our personal closets, after that we will be accepting clothing from every girl! Sporty and stylish to cute and sexy, styles always change with your mood so we want to make sure we always have something in store for you. 


Where we come from:

Couple of years ago IRYNASCLOSET started in Winnipeg. Founded by Iryna her idea came from having a love for fashion and shopping, and her aspiration brought her to this boutique clothing opportunity. Fast forward a couple of years and a move to Toronto Iryna met Aryna and this opportunity to reopen the boutique ultimately led us to AIRYNASCLOSET. We met at work and have been inseparable ever since being called the twins and having the same exact name with one letter off. You could follow their fashion at @arynaaa and @irynaKarabinovych.


What were about: 

This isn’t your typical resell shop. We want every woman to feel empowered and be able to rock bold styles without thinking twice. Our goal is to help woman feel empowered no matter their body type and bring positivity and confidence when styled by us.